Athletic Endeavours Personal Training and Multi-sport Coaching

Andrew Tuovinen is perhaps Vancouver’s premier Personal Trainer. He became a professional Personal Trainer back in 1997 after a long career as a competitive triathlete. Fast forward to 2020. Andrew’s still competing and finishing on the podium, and has become one of Vancouver’s longest serving personal trainer with a strong focus on functional training, a way of approaching gym training for fitness or sport that replaces boring, old, multi-set, single-joint, single-muscle, weight training exercises with complex, multi-joint movements that engages the upper, lower and core body within each single exercise. Exercises are strung together to create a flow of exercises to moves through, once or twice or three times (if you’re a super-being).

I was completely impressed by this modern re-making of weight training and accepted training sessions with Andrew in exchange for creating his website. I learned a heck of a lot and apply this knowledge to every workout, everyday.

I designed Andrew’s website around Andrew as his own brand. After all, the guy’s a wealth of experience and knowledge and this should be up-front-and-centre as THE credibility factor. Personal trainers are their own product. It  was pretty easy with Andrew Touvinen.


wp500 – Custom WordPress Websites for $500 is the WordPress website design facet of Willworks Design Solutions, where individuals and companies on a budget can commission fully-loaded hosted WordPress websites to promote a business, an event, a charity, a project starting at just $500 for 5-pages, 10-posts and a great design using the completely malleable GeneratePress WordPress theme, pro-version; WPBakery WYSIWYG page builder plus a suite of range-extending add-ons for WPBakery; Gravity Forms; Soliloquy Slider and Envira Gallery; CSS Hero; WP Rocket and the full suite of plugins.

WordPress is to expressing ideas on the web as the early printing press was to disseminating ideas through print. It’s a revolutionary online publishing tool that brings the power of marketing on the web into the hands of anyone. In fact, WordPress is THE go-to solution for those clients who want to manage the website I create for them. To that end, I build plenty of useful “help” agents like videos into the WordPress Dashboard so clients, new to WordPress or online publishing can, after watching a few topical videos can master any of the basic skills required to manage their website.

Amati Brands

Amati Brands is a company distributing and promoting fine wines and rare spirits through duty free stores in North America. Products exclusive to Amati Brands, such as Schonmarke Icewine, are designed, branded and packaged to appeal to travellers who are looking for a distinctly Canadian product like a rare Merlot icewine to bring home to share with family and friends.

The website employs an age verification system, also known as an age gate, as a protection measure used to restrict access to those who are over the minimum legal drinking age.

Studio 137 Photography Website

This website was built using the KingSize Fullscreen Photography Theme and is a perfect showcase for presenting the hundreds of photographs in my personal portfolio.

The website consists of a dozen or so main galleries that rotate through as hero image slides on the main page. Clicking on one of these hero images takes the viewer to that gallery.

At Studio 137, images do the talking. Text content is kept to a minimum with only a brief description of each gallery.

Magic Places Cycling Adventures

As a life-long cyclist, the Magic Places Cycling Adventures WordPress website redesign was a project close to my heart. Not only was the client awesome but Matt had real content: text gleaned from his old website’s pages and posts, and big beautiful hi-res images of cycling in exotic places he shared through Dropbox. A designer’s dream is a prepared client, and in this instance, the bonus was to be working on a cycling adventures website, too!

Schönmarke Icewine

The Schönmarke website needed to be up to the task of showcasing an exclusive and rare Canadian product to foreign viewers. Modern, sophisticated and minimal, the website focuses on two products, white (Vidal) and red (Merlot) icewine, and presents them to overseas customers in China, Japan and Korea.

A bit of background: Schönmarke Icewine is produced in the true old German Eiswein tradition and made only with natural vine-frozen grapes, hand harvested and crushed below -10°C. The more than 80% water content remains frozen during the crush leaving only a tiny quantity of intense, super-concentrated juice that is slowly fermented and aged into icewine.

Vancouver E-Bike Adventures

The client wanted a lean and fast e-bike rental website with a third party e-commerce solution to handle bookings and transactions. Vitally important was to include big, strong images from above of the areas of the city core served by Vancouver E-Bike Adventures. The result is a compelling website for visitors to Vancouver who can easily book an e-bike adventure in advance of their trip or once they’ve arrived.

Website Headers, Sliders and Ads

Designing website sliders, header artwork and web-based ads constitutes a large percentage of the my production work each month. They are relatively inexpensive to commission and really fun to build in Photoshop so the process works well for me as well as my clients.