Packaging design takes the length and width dimensions of the flat printed media and adds another dimension: depth. Things can get complicated. Fortunately, designers work in conjunction with a client’s print provider to generate a template for the designer to follow when designing packaging.

Recreation Guides

Community centres in Vancouver publish recreation guides four times per year to promote the activities and programs available each season. The recreation guides are generally low-budget productions with one or two colours on inexpensive newsprint framed with a full colour cover, which may be heavier coated stock if a budget permits.

Branding Work

One of my favourite tasks is to help a company develop and promote their brand. Sometimes it’s a new company with just a name and a few loose ideas and everything from a logo and word mark needs to be conceived and designed. At other times a company has a logo but little else, and branding elements like colours and associated design components need to be extrapolated from the logo.

Action Printed Marketing

The work samples shown in this post represent a variety of “action” marketing materials such as catalogues, brochures, posters, sell sheets and rack cards. The companies represented below sell fitness equipment and high-end athlete training and the marketing materials they ask me to design need to reflect that intensity of purpose. Big, bold action images anchor nearly all materials which must have a strong call-to-action to buy stuff or register for training programs.

Large Format Marketing Materials

Large format designs are a big part of designing for print. From posters to trade-show booths, from pull-up banners to wall-sized graphics, from POS materials to outdoor large format signs promoting local hospital foundation lotteries, large designs are really satisfying to create because the results are so visible.