Athletic Endeavours Personal Training and Multi-sport Coaching

Andrew Tuovinen is perhaps Vancouver’s premier Personal Trainer. He became a professional Personal Trainer back in 1997 after a long career as a competitive triathlete. Fast forward to 2020. Andrew’s still competing and finishing on the podium, and has become one of Vancouver’s longest serving personal trainer with a strong focus on functional training, a way of approaching gym training for fitness or sport that replaces boring, old, multi-set, single-joint, single-muscle, weight training exercises with complex, multi-joint movements that engages the upper, lower and core body within each single exercise. Exercises are strung together to create a flow of exercises to moves through, once or twice or three times (if you’re a super-being).

I was completely impressed by this modern re-making of weight training and accepted training sessions with Andrew in exchange for creating his website. I learned a heck of a lot and apply this knowledge to every workout, everyday.

I designed Andrew’s website around Andrew as his own brand. After all, the guy’s a wealth of experience and knowledge and this should be up-front-and-centre as THE credibility factor. Personal trainers are their own product. It  was pretty easy with Andrew Touvinen.