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Hello, I’m the Will in Willworks Design Solutions and I love taking photos and designing cool stuff for the web and print.

I’ve been in business since 1998 and I’m grateful for being able to make a living doing what I love best. I pay it forward by offering my web and print design and photography skillset at a ridiculously low rate to members of the arts community, non-profit organizations and socially-minded businesses.

Web Design – I design great looking, highly functional, fully loaded WordPress websites starting at $500! Every website includes a super-charged set of plugins to expand functionality to the farthest limits of your imagination. I also specialize in designing awesome brand-building graphics that will make your website pop, as well as graphics for web ads and email marketing.

Print Design – In the print world, I pretty much design anything for print from a logo and business identity package, to wall-sized graphics for your workout gym, to vehicle wraps, trade show kiosks, brochures, posters, magazine and newspaper ads.

Photography – I’ll photograph any project except weddings. Can you imagine how much pressure you’re under for that? Hats off to wedding photographers everywhere!

Web Design

I specialize in designing and hosting WordPress websites with projects starting at $500 for 5-pages and 10-posts. WordPress is an incredibly flexible platform for expressing your ideas or promoting your business, and it powers around 25% of websites around the world. A WordPress website is client-friendly so with just a little know-how, clients can manage and develop their own website once I’ve finished creating it.

Print Design

Although everything seems to be online these days, clearly we still rely on printed media. Any sign you see out in the world, any magazine, book, catalogue or brochure you read, any printed information you hold in your hands or view from the bus window, from a postcard to packaging, each of these things was designed on a computer by a graphic designer like me before becoming tangible through print.

I design anything in print from the very small to the very large. This includes business cards, letterhead, brochures, forms, sell-sheets, shelf-talkers, labels and product packaging, catalogues, magazine and newspaper ads, posters, and wall-sized graphics. If it can exist in this world as printed media, then I can design it for you.


There are few things that seem to be from a magical realm more than modern digital photography. I rediscovered photography back in ’96 when I bought a cutting-edge 1st generation Nikon CoolPix digital camera and a few lenses. It produced a 2.1 MB JPEG file or an uncompressed TIFF file, with the latter taking about 30 seconds to render!

The CoolPix, two Panasonic Lumix cameras, 16 years and 20,000 snapshots later, I bought my first full-frame DSLR in 2012, a Canon 5D MII and discovered the beauty of a modern, full-featured camera and the control you gain when shooting in RAW. Since then, Canon L-series lenses accumulated, and the camera became a something I couldn’t leave the house without. Photography had become a hobby again and these days is an adjunct to the web and print design services I offer my clients. Check out my photography website below…


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